Weekend Reflections 2019-07-13

20 Years Ago

In 1999 as I was getting ready to publish my book “lean-ISD” – I asked the late Geary A. Rummler if he would review it and tell me what he thought of it.

Weeked Reflections 2019-07-13.png

He reviewed it, wrote a great marketing quote, and he even redesigned the cover.

When I asked him how I might repay him – he told me I couldn’t. That I would have to do what he had to do to repay his mentors – and that was to pay it forward.

That made sense and fit with the tradition I had been brought up with professionally, at NSPI (then ISPI), where it wasn’t unusual for senior people, thought leaders renown for their contributions to the fields of Instructional Systems Design and Performance Improvement (the former a subset of the latter) to freely give of their time and counsel at the annual NSPI/ISPI conferences – and even afterwards. I’d experienced that since I first got involved, in 1979.

I’ve tried to do the same since the mid 1980s when people started approaching me for advice, job counseling, etc.

And I found that many others, outside NSPI/ISPI were also very helpful when asked. So they are included in the Blog Post series I did for several years – here – that I titled My First Friday Favorite Guru. Those posts were to acknowledge their contributions to my professional development – whether they knew they were helpful or not.

And to those that complained that they were not gurus – I told them that that was in the eye of the beholder (me).

And also – I do recognize that I have some more recent advisors that I need to add to this list of 43.

Maybe I’ll get to that during my weeks of recovery from my 2nd knee replacement surgery in 12 weeks.

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