Revisiting My Cartoon Strip from 2010-2013: Lessons in Making Lemonade

1172 Cartoon Strips Published

Follow the stories of Buzz and gang as they learn all about Instructional Technology and Human Performance Technology in the pursuit of Enterprise Performance Improvement at Rivercity University and as they hang out at the on-campus Lemonade Stand.

Or – in paperback book form:


Start here:

If you wish to start at the beginning – and I’m sorry that there’s not an easier way to progress through them.

I have wanted to flip their order – but you know, blogs.


Lessons in Making Lemonade – Volume 1

– a paperback book from the cartoon series – Volume 1 – for $10.00.

Over 350 “strips” – Paperback $10

Lessons in Making Lemonade – Volume 2

– another paperback book from the cartoon series – Volume 2 – for $10.00.

Over 350 “strips” – Paperback $10

But Wait – There’s More!

The Lessons in Making Lemonade Cartoon Book


Paperback Coloring Book for $5.50 – here.


A Lesson in: When You Have Some Free Time On Your Hands.

Go here if you have some free time on your hands:

A GIF - 2019-07-06T114410.861

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