Weekend Reflections 2019-07-27

Trust Is Key

Trust the Process. Trust the People. Trust the Operational Data. Trust the Supply Chain. Trust the Marketplace. Trust our own Leadership.

Or trust any other leading or lagging set of metrics, or preferably a set of both lagging and leading Measures, and go forth and conduct Continuous Improvement efforts and share the results.

But do that with Trust.

Make sure your Teams scores high on the Trust Dimension.

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How To Build Trust?

Leadership should see  that one of it’s key “areas of performance” is in communications to create awareness or knowledge useful to the Process or Processes assigned.

This is not thought of as the responsibility of Training or Learning. It’s management’s responsibility. The Supervisor’s Responsibility. But we can help.

Training can help or hinder in creating space and administration protocols to ensure that the content is useful. It can even help create the content.

But it may be that some Communications are reserved for some organizations titled Public Relations, and others for Finance, or Human Resources. And then the rest is owned, by default, to the First-Line Supervisors.

Help Supervisors determine how this works Formally and/or Informally.

Determine who owns all of this communications – or more probable – who are the many owners of this communications responsibility – and how is it allocated now and/or should be? How complex is it? And How To Navigate that complexity.

And then share that as a reference tool/Job Aid.

Building Trust with the Supervisors requires meeting their needs as quickly as possible. That enables them to build Trust with their people.

How Are You Approaching the Needs of Your Supervisors?

Do you know their Performance Competence Requirements?

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Do You Know Who Their Stakeholders Are?

Perf Req Analysis - Much More Than Task Analysis

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