Weekend Reflections 2019-08-03

Is the Past Prologue?

I’m still in recovery for the 2nd Knee Replacement Surgery – and anxious for “it” to be all over. Done. Fini.

Weeked Reflections 2019-08-03.png

So please excuse and typos or poorly constructed sentences, etc. It’s those pain meds.

I did the first knee April 18th and then, when in Week 6 of Recovery, I felt good enough to schedule the 2nd knee for July 11th – 12 weeks after the first.

And I am so glad that I’ve planned a very light load for this 2nd recovery – because one thing I’m learning over and over again – is that the road to recovery isn’t predictable based on one experience. Some things are the same – but many are different. How much pain? When? Where? What feels better and much better and when was that?

Even though I had scheduled the time to be Totally Worthless before slowly evolving to Simply Worthless – so that I could manage expectations of myself and of my significant others – I wanted to steal back some of that downtime to get something on my long Things To Do List done.

That’s just how I am.

But reality has spoken, and given me this question to ponder:

How Many Rodeos Does It Take

If The First Isn’t Sufficient to Demystify What Rodeos Are All About?

And … I’ve already arrived at an answer.

# # #

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