T&D: Performance Support Logic

Accessible with Truth in Titling

Most Performance Support types of Instruction should be prefaced as “How To” XYZ.

For example: “How To Develop a Departmental Strategic & Operational Plan” that is driven by the authentic performance requirements for doing such work, is a very different set of content than “stuff” curated across the Internet on “Strategic Planning” or “Operational Planning” would be.

What do your Target Audiences want?


Does Your Approach to Analysis Sort Shared from Unique Processes?

The framework below that I’ve been using for over 30 years allows me – and my Analysis & Design Teams – to sort unique Performance Competence Requirements from shared Performance Competence Requirements.

Does yours?


The Default Is To Leave It To Informal Learning

But when the Risks and Rewards dictate – consider these 3 Options …


Support w/o Creating New Burdens

Use whatever the Enterprise has in place already – and will have for some designated time frame. Don’t increase costs unless the management of the Target Audience buys in to anything new and/or different. Partner with them.


Market Using Old and Newer Methods

In the 1980s I referred to these “posters” of the T&D Paths/ Development Maps (etc.) as Movie Posters. I encouraged clients to post them where people from the Target Audiences congregated. Lunch Rooms. Break Rooms. Etc.

Of course – there are many more ways to get to the eyes, minds and hearts of the audiences today. But nothing draws attention to a 3 foot by 4 foot wall poster like a 3 foot by 4 foot wall poster.


Serve PUSH and PULL Target Audiences

If You Build It Based On the ROI for PUSH Target Audiences – you can probably make it available to other PULL Target Audiences at very low cost as well.

It’s less than ideal – as the content is not necessarily going to be authentic enough to help improve transfer, but it is something to offer for those PULL Audiences.


PUSH Target Audiences are More Critical to the Enterprise


Focus on Tasks & Outputs and the Measures for Both

And stay away from Topic-Based Content.


Contact Me


The Post GIF

I’ve been asked to share the GIFs I sometimes produce for these posts.

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