Weekend Reflections 2019-08-10

Yesterday I was asked on Twitter about “how would I rephrase” some questions I posed in a post/graphic.

Weeked Reflections 2019-08-10.png

I did respond three times – the last being the best approach IMO.

How Would I Rephrase Them?

These are in reverse order…


My Responses

Rather than take my updates/adaptations – I recommended that the people affected by this take the lead in revamping them.

And in their dialogue as they do so – they should come to a better Shared Understanding of what THEY mean by the questions.


The Original Graphic

As you can see the original graphic was about looking at current investments and deciding whether or not to keep investing in them.

The 6 questions could be easily adopted for a “before we leap” into the investment assessment.


Adopt – Adapt

Slide1 (47)

# # #

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