T&D: PBI – Performance Based Instruction

Instruction May Be a Better Umbrella Term for the Outputs/Deliverables of T&D/L&D

And Performance Based means it should impact “ability to perform.”


Performance Competence is the ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to    Stakeholder Requirements.


Imagine an organized set of Resources for both new management and new employees – as well as for incumbents – to Support Performance.

Webp.net-gifmaker - 2019-08-23T074816.513.gif

Be Consistent Across Departments

Separate Unique Processes from Shared Processes – and keep Content Current and Pruned.


Enable High Risk and High Reward Performance

Consider a Standalone Job Aid, or a Job Aid Embedded in Training, and finally, Training for memorization and/or honing a skill.

Leave low risk and low reward performance to Informal Learning means.


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