Weekend Reflections – 2019-08-31

WOINA – What’s Old Is New Again

Performance Support – or – Workflow Learning – isn’t new.

I’ve been reflecting on that as I read on Social Media all about Performance Support. Which sometimes presents it as something new. But it is not.

Learning from the past practices about Guidance or Job Aids or Performance Support – might help you avoid the avoidable mistakes.

It’s a theory.


Back in 1979 or 1980 I attended an NSPI Chapter meeting in Detroit where Barry Boothe presented his Job Aid Job Aid. Then years later in the late 1980s I saw him present again at an NSPI Conference.


Here is the 14 page PDF that Barry shared way back in the late 1980s: job-aids-job-aid-barry-boothe

I’ve written/posted about the Rummler/Gilbert take on all of this – what they called Guidance:

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