T&D: We Support People Development As Directed By Their Management

And If That’s Not True – Then There’s Work To Do On That Too

And we in the Instructional function “support” rather than “take the lead” on that, on People Development, as we’ll only have the individual for a short period of time – cycle time – or the touch time within the cycle – compared to all of the individual’s time on the payroll.

And because of Cognitive Overload we’re pretty limited in term of what will be remembered – available for recall – immediately after we’re done with whatever it is we do for OnBoarding.

And then it will be up to each Manager to continue the OnGoing Development of performance competence of their people. Formally and/or Informally.

The Managers will have the individual for a much longer period of time – cycle time – and the touch time within the cycle – compared to all of the individual’s time on the payroll.


The Managers may use our Formal Instructional Content, but THEY set it up – and THEY check on it after the Formal Learning is done – and THEY discuss how to apply what was learned here … and how and when. And THEY reinforce its transfer and stickiness with positive feedback or inhibit that with negative feedback.

Let’s not forget we are in an (usually) Informal Partnership with Managers to develop their team to perform to standard (also usually Informal). Perhaps you need something less Informal in terms of a Partnership.


Develop them with authentic content – not exhortations – no matter how well meaning.

Focus on the processes they work in – and not an assemblage of well meaning – and with tons of Face Validity – TOPICS that don’t address authentic tasks and Outputs and the Measures for Both.

And organize everything by a model/framework that reflects the Performance Requirements of their organizational entity.

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Teach Managers-Supervisors-Team Leads “HOW TO” 

What are the Best Practices and Acceptable Varied Practices in…

  • Give Clear Expectations
  • Give Clear Directions
  • Give Timely Support
  • Give Timely Feedback

Teach those. With Direct Instruction with plenty of Practice with Feedback (before the next practice attempt).

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Then help them plan out and document Individual Training & Development Plans for their people.

Support Managers in developing the Performance Competence of their people.

Don’t help them Abdicate their role.

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