Weekend Reflections 2019-10-05

Lucky me. I just spent 10 days at “The Beach” with 2 sets of family at different ends of the vacation, and we all enjoyed beautiful weather, touring both the oceanfront and riverfront of Kure Beach and nearby Wilmington NC.

20190930_102003_0000 (1).png

My knees are still coming along – now in weeks 24 and 12 – so I did most of my sightseeing via the Jeep – while everyone else did that plus walked the beach searching for shells and ocean glass, etc.

My reflections kept coming around to luck and making the best of one’s luck. And non-luck. A.k.a.: bad luck.

My “luck” was having my hours reduced at the Site gas station in Lawrence KS as school began at Kansas University (KU) in the fall of 1976. That was my reward for agreeing to work the night shift – midnight to 9 am – during my summer break from classes after returning to KU after my 3 year stint in the USN (1972-1975). I needed those hours. I wanted those hours. So I quit. But not until finding another job.

That job was as an Inside Salesperson at Wickes Lumber – which after two and a half years led to an offer to join the Training Services staff at HQ – in Saginaw MI after graduating after summer school in August 1979.

That led to being shown and then taught ISD methods based on Rummler, Gilbert, Mager, Harless and others. And then my membership and attendance at NSPI (now ISPI) chapter meetings and national/international conferences helped me learn about those FALSE NOTIONS thanks to the presenters and members of NSPI back in the day.

Wickes led to Motorola – where I worked with Geary Rummler on a dozen projects, and others including Neil Rackham and Ray Svenson. Then in November 1982 I joined Ray Svenson’s small consulting firm along with my 2nd wife and helped grow it becoming a partner in the process. After 15 years and a divorce the 3 partners at SWI split the firm and I started CADDI with my half. After 5 years of that I went solo at EPPIC in 2002.

I’ve worked with 85 firms, over 45 F500 firms, on ISD efforts that were mostly deemed critical to the business strategy.

I’ve conducted 76 CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – efforts – determining the Performance Competence requirements and enabling K/S requirements and then laying out a logical T&D Path/Map along with Individual Planning Guides – as one Path does not fit all needs.

Lucky me. I just spent 40 years doing something that I loved to do. So it never felt like work.

But what does seem like work is continuously dealing with all of the false notions that abound in the professional arenas of ISD and ID in the Enterprise Learning context.

I kept seeing that on my Twitter and LinkedIn feeds while off on vacation. I sometimes respond and sometimes let it slide. It was supposed to be a vacation.

I wish to applaud those colleagues who make it a habit to point out and correct those who deliberately or inadvertently share those false notions.

My reflections on all of that these past 2 weeks brought me back to how lucky I have been these past 40 years.

# # #

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