Weekend Reflections 2019-11-09

As I collect my thoughts, about what I’ve been doing and thinking, my reflections, I find that they are mostly personal in nature, as I’ve entertained two sets of guests; friends from HS, and college both pre and post Navy, and the other from my time in the Navy.


My relationships with both of my guests – and one’s younger brother – goes back to the late 1960s and into the late 1970s.

And it was an interesting experience spending quality time with each, in turn, in the Jeep, driving the back roads of western NC for hours talking, catching up, stopping at an occasional “tourist site,” and then driving further west to Asheville NC for a tapas dinner.

And then the 90 minute ride home. A lot of time to talk. And we did. And that continued back at the house. And then two more days for one and one more day for the other, doing similar road trips, boating on the lake. And backgammon.


I owe much to my guests, for all that they did for me, back in the day. And all of that time in the Jeep gave me a chance to thank them for specific “lessons learned” and “assistance” from them, and their recall of the incidents, and then my thoughts on where that took me.

I’m still processing all of that.

And exercising those new knees!

# # #

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