The Matt & Will Podcast Show: THE “WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE” EPISODE

Posted December 2, 2019 – from Matt Richter and Will Thalheimer: The Truth in Learning Podcast

In this episode, Will has a conversation with The Good Practice Podcast guys, Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson. You can find them at They share their origin story of the show. Will asks them whether we podcasters should go after and challenge the “bad actors” in our industry. The answer will surprise you.


After Matt and Will debrief his Good Practice conversation, they dive deep into what makes evidence good evidence. In other words, how does one evaluate the quality of evidence in our field. In the discussion, Will and Matt discuss his first draft on a taxonomy for evaluating research. IT IS A FIRST DRAFT! But, click here to see it. They use 70-20-10 as an example for their exploration. The article Will wrote on 70-20-10 is here.

And, of course, they tease the possibility of an exploration of A/B testing… again.

In the final segment, Will and Matt share the Learning Translators they turn to when exploring new research. There also might be a pumpkin pie recipe. The list below is more people than directly referred to in the episode, as we left a few out as we discussed the topic.

*** *** *** ***

Listen to it here:

It is just under 75 minutes in length.

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