T&D: Cutting the Fluff and Not What’s Foundational

Depending on the Performance and Learning Goals

And on the Target Audiences’ incoming/prior awareness, knowledge and skills – you can determine:

“What’s Fluff” and “What’s Foundational”


Foundational may be what newbies need – when some of the experienced audiences don’t.


If the Target Audiences’ jobs’ Output/Task Requirements vary – you need to modularize the content.


If the Target Audiences’ jobs’ Incoming Awareness/Knowledge/Skills vary – you need to modularize the content.


True Fluff – isn’t need by anybody – ever.


The Only Way to determine what Content needs to be included for everyone, or modularized to enable Skimming and/or Skipping, or what’s not needed at all – is to test – test – test.


For a Past Post (2011) on “Testing – Testing – Testing” – please go here.


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