Tour the 1987 Prudhoe Bay Facilities with Me – Via Video

Dateline 1987
I was in Alaska for the 2nd time – the first time being a stop over from KC to San Francisco to Anchorage to Tokyo to Clark AFB PI in the fall of 1973 when I was in the USN – and several times after that – throughout 1987 and 1988 – when my firm at the time – SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. – was working on a Qualification/Certification System and a series of about 2000 Performance Tests for about 20 technical populations – that were all tied to a PPP – Pay Progression Program.
Which had everyone’s attention – as it had a hold on everyone’s wallets.
That’s covered in the book that came out of that project and several others. 

My ARCO of Alaska’s Contractor Badge from 1987.

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For the rest of this post from my Blog – from 2010 – please go here.

Or simply watch the 16 minute video below … shot on December 16th, 1987 … 32 years ago today. And check out my “1987 Selfie” at the 8:09 mark…

Quick Geography Lesson

Where exactly is Prudhoe Bay? Look in the Arctic Circle.

Prudhoe Bay.png

Free Book PDF


For the Free PDF – and how to order as a Kindle or paperback – please go here.

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