T&D: Questions Are One Key to a Performance Orientation in Instruction

And How You Validate The Answers Is Another

Experts – and all of us – operate using our non-conscious knowledge and will typically miss up to 70% of what a Novice needs – so always test your content for completeness, as well as accuracy and appropriateness.

Back To My Questions

One key to getting the output you want – performance-based Instruction – that is performance relevant, and will enable performance back on the job.

And as I have told everyone that I’ve taught, “these are my questions, and you may not use them in the Application Exercise that follows.” Learn to paraphrase my questions to get to the data required downstream in your overall effort.

PM Q to Ask1

The More of a Quick GAP Analysis

PM Q to Ask2

Example: Areas of Performance Chart

AoPs Sales Rep

Example: Performance Model Chart

ABC Sales PM Chart Example

Why Worry About Gaps?

Your new or novice performers will need more than just “How To” content. That’s First Order Content. The What, Why and How.

They’ll also need second order “What barriers might they be confronted with” and “How To Avoid in the First Place” and “How to Deal with Them if Unavoidable.”

Then What?

Think: Standalone Job Aid 1st, or Job Aid Embedded in Training 2nd, or Training for Memorization and/or Honing Skills 3rd.  Thinking 4th is to simply leave it to Informal Means – and do nothing at all.


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