Helping Our Clients Achieve Performance Competence

Clients Want Performance Competence

Even if they asked for Training or Learning. We have to be able to at least help them see where the gaps are – beyond knowledge/skills – even if we cannot fix the gaps for them ourselves.

And Instruction – Training for Learning might always be a portion of the Solution-set – if not Job Aids with or without Training. All are Instructional. Or should be.

Where to Start?

I start with a predictable process. And then I start with these questions… - 2019-12-26T104114.215

These are my questions – and you can use them – but only if you have paraphrased backups – in case the wording doesn’t resonate with those that you are questioning.

At least that’s what I have been telling those I’ve trained in these methods since the early 1980s. It’s more than writing down the answers to a set of rote questions. Believe me.

And my preferred method in getting the answers to my questions since becoming a consultant in 1982 has been the FGP – Facilitated Group Process – where I facilitate a designated Analysis Team of Master Performers and others to paint the pictures of ideal performance (current state) of the Master Performers AND the Gapped Performance (current state) of the non-Master Performers.

Short Star Wars Themed Video

This video is just under 2 minutes in length. Done just for fun.

The 12 Key Sets of Variables/Enablers of Enterprise Process Performance

Can you count the 12 sets?

Don’t forget about The Process itself.

That’s where I start in my diagnosis efforts, a.k.a.: analysis or assessment. With the Processes – as in – is there one? Is it followed? If not why not? Is it appropriate for every occasion? Is it flexible enough?

And so on.

My Books to Help You

These 6 books – from 2011 – were updates to several of my earlier books: The Quality RoadMap (1994), lean-ISD (1999), T&D Systems View (2001), and management Areas of Performance (2004).

They are each available as Kindles and/or Paperbacks – see more information about them – and how to order – here.

Let’s Improve Performance Together

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