The Backstory: The Performance Gopher

In 1997 my partners at SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc., split up our business after 15 years together – and I took half the staff and half of the IP – Intellectual Property of that firm – and created CADDI Inc. before going solo with EPPIC Inc. in 2002.

CADDI – the Curriculum Architecture Design & Development Institute – was often confused with Caddy … as in golf … as in Caddy Shack … and some of you I bet can already see where this is headed.

This video is 60 seconds in length.

I’m not sure if I found this – the “singing gopher” in the video above – and bought it – or one of my staff or clients did. This was 1997.

But those who remember the movie “Caddy Shack” certainly remember Bill Murray’s character battling the gopher.

So I asked my firm’s external resource, a graphic artist, freelance contractor Rory Combs, now retired but doing sculptures (, to create a clean image of the gopher for my use in marketing/branding. Just for fun.

Those of you paying attention know this character by now.


Known alternatively as the: Performance Gopher, Gopher Performance, or the Go For Performance … or in California the Go Fer Performance … etc., it allows me to present myself attempt to come off as less than serious – for those who take me, or themselves, too seriously.

I do come from The School of Thiagi – among other schools of thought.

And that’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.

And now you know.

# # #

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