Quick Book Review: Mayer’s “How To Be A Successful Student”

Actually – this is more of an overview versus a review…

By Richard E. Mayer, Ph.D.

After doing our video interview 2 weeks ago, Rich Mayer and I talked for a few minutes about this 2019 book of his … still in shrinkwrap in the photo below …


I’m not sure how we got on to this, but Rich has 7 grandchildren and I’ve got 4. Mine are from 6th grade and into their mid-years at college – and who all probably need this book’s insights. As well as all of their friends. And their teachers.

It’s In the Mail!

I was chatting with Dick Clark (Richard E. Clark, Ed.D) yesterday and he went on and on about Rich’s work, and his legendary productivity – as he is the most cited researcher in the field. We are both fans – me a more johnny-come-lately.

In fact, Dr. Clark is the one who connected me with Dr. Mayer leading to this HPT Video done a couple of weeks ago … which is 21 minutes in length…

And then later yesterday evening my wife handed me the book that had come in the mail earlier in the afternoon.

My wife and I had just visited our oldest grandchild at Western North Carolina University a few days prior – and I knew he probably needed this book – just as I had needed it 40+ years ago.


So I was very happy to see it finally arrive. Better late than never.

So after reviewing the table of contents I started thinking about what to do, and how to do this – for the benefit of my grandchildren and their friends – and even their teachers.

I reached out to Dr. Mayer early this morning and he just responded and gave me the okay to do the review – using the draft PowerPoint Show that I had forwarded.


Now I have decided that I am going to to spoon-feed it to my grandchildren and their friends in college and High School, one Habit/Slide at a time. With some additional detail for each.

You people call it MicroLearning.

And/but for you I am providing both a PowerPoint Show and a GIF of what I had sent Dr. Mayer. Who BTW didn’t critique my slide design as I had suggested he might want to do – to be consistent with what the research shows is good and bad. I mean – I’d hate to be an embarrassment. But he had his chance. ;)

But don’t think that his lack of feedback has given me any illusions about the rules I typically break. I know me.

If you’d like copies of the individual slides from the slidedeck –  as PNG files – I can send them to you – send a request to – guy.wallace@eppic.biz – and if Norton lets it through – I’ll respond.

If you want more detail behind each of the 20 Study Habits – you’ll need to get the book. Do that via Amazon – here.


A PowerPoint Show

A Successful Student – Mayer v2


Same slides as the PowerPoint Show.

Webp.net-gifmaker (11)

Thank You Rich Mayer!

For all that you have done … and are doing … to bring Evidence Based Practices to the field of Learning!

# # #

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