T&D/PI: Off To Do Another HPT Video This Morning

I don’t do these HPT Videos “live” very often anymore.

I have been using Skype for a couple of years now – as Zoom limits free use to 40 minutes – and I do not want to be so limited. You never know where these conversations might go.


So I’ve got a 6 hour drive ahead of me this morning – for a VERY SPECIAL GUEST – who doesn’t have a great Internet connection – where we will be meeting – to record a Video Interview.

This is someone I had lost track of – after seeing them in 2004 at the ISPI Conference in Tampa way back in 2004 – which was “my conference” as I was the outgoing (as in exiting and not extroverted) President of ISPI.

So I am very excited to be doing this one in particular.


I hope to have the video – number 99 in the series – up tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

As the saying goes, “Please stay tuned!

# # #

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