T&D/PI: The Pivot From Learning to Performance

Listen In to David James and Me Talking About: The Pivot From Learning to Performance

… on David’s Learning & Development Podcast – posted Tuesday February 18, 2020 – here.

The audio podcast in just under 47 minutes in length.


The 47 Minute Podcast


And you can also download the audio file for listening later, from here or at David James and his Looop’s Podcast Page, now, or at any time!

And check out his whole series of Podcasts!


Referenced in the Podcast

Here are 5 of my prior Blog Posts that you might find of interest…


PACT Paths

And if you have some interest in my methodology-sets for Performance-based Instruction/ T&D/ L&D/ Knowledge Management … check out this Website Page where I offer 5 sets of Paths through all of my FREE RESOURCES related to my PACT Processes – here.


Be Safe Out There!

Don’t Drink – from this podcast – While Driving!


And don’t try taking any notes while driving! ;)

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