My 5-Day Onsite Workshop for Performance-Based Instructional Analysis & Design

As many of you know, I had two knees replaced last year – the first in April and then the second in July – and I pretty much suspended my consulting work as I first waited for the operations and then waited on the recovery. I’m feeling 90% plus now – so all is good!

Someone recently inquired about a workshop that I had redeveloped in early 2019 – and so I went looking for the files that I hadn’t touched for 12 months. That led me to constructing a quick video to overview what that workshop addresses.

ISD For a Performance Impact

This short video – 2:18 minutes in length – overviews my 5-Day workshop for developing ISD Staff in Analysis & Design – using methods that I have been using in consulting engagement and evolving since 1982.

If you have any interest, please connect with me at: – for any information, availability and pricing – or – go here.

And if know of others who might have a need for this – please share the video’s link!

The video is on YouTube at:


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