HPT Video: Mirjam Neelen

Mirjam Neelen

Adapted from LinkedIn

Mirjam’s overall ambition is to drive change in Learning & Development to (1) improve impact on how people do their jobs today and (2) enable them to prepare for the future and stay relevant. Her ideal is to shift L&D from ‘intuition-based’ to ‘research-based’, and from order-taking to value-driving. It’s the only way for us to become a strategic partner and trusted advisor to increase business impact.

She has/is…

• Extensive experience in needs analysis, learning strategy design, development, (peer) assessment and evaluation
• Versed in instructional design & design thinking methodologies
• Adept at collaborating closely with clients to understand business and/or learning challenges and co-create appropriate, tailored, evidence-informed holistic learning experiences with all stakeholders (incl learners).
• Excellent communication, problem-solving, collaboration, client and project management skills.
• Deep understanding of adult learning, learning design, learning innovation practices, and technology-enhanced learning.
• Familiar with learning delivery systems (LMS, social learning platforms, VLEs, mobile).
• Drive the implementation of high quality learning design standards and processes.
• Have worked across a wide variety of contexts such as new technologies, consultancy, sales, engineering, healthcare, community education, and academics.
• Adapt to new environments quickly; have lived and worked in 4 different countries with a wide variety of clients and learners from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Our Background

I’ve know Mirjam mostly through Social Media for maybe about 3-4 years. I’ve been following her Bog, written with Paul Kirschner, for several years. And I had watched the video of her and Patti Shank’s presentation at Future L&D – LT18 Conference – from 2018 – here.

We met F2F, so to speak, just 2 months ago over Skype. I had already recruited her for this video series before her, and Paul’s book, “Evidence Informed Learning Design” came out at the beginning of the month.


The Video

This video is 28:20 minutes in length.

Her Book with Paul Kirschner

I read it the day it came out as a Kindle – and I highly recommend it!


For more information on Amazon about this book please go – here.

Connect Online with Mirjam

Blog: https://3starlearningexperiences.wordpress.com/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mirjamneelen

Twitter: @MirjamN

Guy’s HPT Video Series

The HPT Video Series … formerly known as the HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Series … was started by Guy W. Wallace in 2008 as a means of sharing the diversity of HPT Practitioners, and the diversity of HPT Practices in the workplace and in academia. The full set of videos – over 100 – may be found and linked to – here.

HPT – Human Performance Technology – is the application of science – the “technology” part – for Performance Improvement.

As the late Don Tosti noted, “All performance is a human endeavor.”

Whether your label for HPT is that, or Performance Improvement, or Human Performance Improvement, it is all about Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement at the Individual level, the Team level, the Process level, the Department level, the Functional level, the Enterprise level, and at the level of Society/World.

HPT Practitioners might operate at any of these levels, as this Video Series clearly demonstrates.

Although ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement is the professional home of many HPT Practitioners – the concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques are not limited to any one professional affinity group or professional label.

ISPI just happens to be where I learned about HPT – and has been my professional home since 1979.

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