T&D: On Trial in 2020. Still.

We Are Always On Trial – By Our Stakeholders

Are we receptive and listening?

We in T&D/ L&D are “opportunity rich” as that joke goes. And surrounded by “Risks & Rewards” both large and small. By opportunities of Low Hanging Fruit and Critical Business Issues.


We are too often not aligned and not in sync with the Key Stakeholders, IMO, and therefore not resourced or held accountable.

Doesn’t have to be that way. It just is – all too often.

This short video is 2:19 minutes in length.

The “siren call” – which should be taken as a warning – has been around since forever to a greybeard like me.

I first heard the warning shots across our bow – back in the early 80s.

It’s the same sad song and refrain IMEx (in my experience).

T&D – now L&D – is just too slow to wake.

As Deming might say, it’s The System – which is controlled by management. Management must demand better. Or we can proactively try to get better ourselves.

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