T&D: Flip It to Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70

If You Have To Use the Numbers

Flip the 70-20-10 Reference Model for L&D – to provide/facilitate: Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70.


This short video is 2:19 minutes in length.

Why Flip It?

To avoid Poor/Bad Practices taking hold – which may be much harder to change later.


If You Can Avoid the Numbers – Do So

Can you imagine Six Sigma not being about only 4.6 failures out of a million opportunities to succeed or fail?

The use of numbers always suggests some precision. And these round numbers always make me immediately suspicious. The use of the numbers get in it’s own way – for the concepts this is trying to convey.

And I’m not sure where the notion came from that T&D/L&D needed to go after EVERY SINGLE KNOWLEDGE/SKILL required on-the-job. It feels rather straw-man-ish to me. But whatever.

One alternative to using these numbers is from Ryan Tracey – see his 2016 post – here.


Who Gets To Target Investments in T&D/L&D In the First Place?

I think much could be avoided if T&D/L&D was better – and more FORMALLY aligned – with their leadership and key stakeholders.


And then those functions would be focused on the CBIs – Critical Business Issues – of the Enterprise.


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