T&D: We Are Soooooo Opportunity Rich

Which Is To Say – We’ve Got More Problems 

… than we can shake a stick at. Than we can tackle all at once.

The solution to our dilemma? Alignment.


Alignment is Important

But to What … and How?

These issues are what drove me to write my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


Click on image above for the free 403 page PDF.

For the $15 Paperback book or the Kindle for $7.50 – please go – here.

T&D Systems View Early Reviewer Book Quote from 2001

“Guy Wallace has done it again! After demystifying the ISD process in his lean-ISDSM book, he tackles the corporate training and development system and puts it in a business-focused perspective. Whether you are in-house or serving as an external consultant, you will find Guy’s model an invaluable tool for enterprise training and development.

This analytic and design process ensures that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when moving your company or client to Learning by Design, not Learning by Chance. The elegant clockface model helps you develop a clear picture of any organization and clearly helps you map out how best to effectively manage all the elements of the enterprise. Once the elements are mapped out, the model, through enclosed assessment and prioritizing tools, helps determine where and when to put corporate assets to maximize corporate return on investment.

This is a must-have book for any consultant or organization that is concerned about improving the performance of their organization through improving processes and competencies.”

—Miki Lane      Senior Partner        MVM Communications

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For more early book reviewer quotes – please go here.

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