T&D/PI: #VideoShorts – Overviews of PACT, EPPI and the FGP


Overview of: Architectural Outputs-Processes-Elements of Instruction

The PACT Processes for Instruction/ ISD/ ID/ Training/ Learning/ Development/ Guidance/ Job Aids/ EPSS/ Quick-Reference-Guides/ SOPs/ Performance Support/ Workflow Learning/ Etc.

This short video is 2:19 minutes in length.

Overview of: Enterprise Process Performance Improvement 

EPPI. My approach to HPT – Human Performance Improvement, also known as:

  • EBP for PI – Evidence Based Practice for Performance Improvement
  • HPI – Human Performance Improvement
  • PI – Performance Improvement
  • HOP – Human Organization Performance
  • PT Performance Technology

This short video is 2:08 minutes in length.

Overview of: The Facilitated Group Process 

This quickly overviews my 12 Tips for facilitating my own PACT and EPPI methodologies, in Project Planning and Management & Analysis & Design & Development.

This short video is 2:17 minutes in length.

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