What Is A Learning Culture?

It Is Not About the Consumption of T&D/ L&D/ Instruction

A Learning Culture – According to Guy

“would be a demonstrated openness and demand for learning and sharing across the enterprise and the existence and use of infrastructure, policies, processes and practices to enable that, from all internal and external sources feasible”


A Short Video

This video is 2:19 minutes in length.

Walking and Not Just Talking the Talk

Actions speak louder than words.


The consumption of Instruction/ L&D/ T&D has nothing to do with it – IMO.


I wish we would stop confusing Ends with Means.


A Learning Organization According to Senge

If you believe that a Learning Organization exhibits the earmarks of a Learning Culture.

I do.


The Fifth Discipline:

The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization 

(Senge 1990) 

The five disciplines of what the book refers to as a “learning organization” discussed in the book are:

  • “Personal mastery is a discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively.”
  • “Mental models are deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, or even pictures of images that influence how we understand the world and how we take action.”
  • “Building shared vision – a practice of unearthing shared pictures of the future that foster genuine commitment and enrollment rather than compliance.”
  • “Team learning starts with dialogue, the capacity of members of a team to suspend assumptions and enter into genuine thinking together.”
  • “Systems Thinking – The Fifth Discipline that integrates the other four.”

Don’t Be Confused. Don’t Conflate. 


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