My Supervisor At Work and WFH 2020

That’s Bueller

He’s my only supervisor. And I can’t make much of a move that he won’t sense. You know – like taking a break – which obviously signals it’s time to play.


Working From Home

Not many are used to working from home or have a space set up conducive for it. I feel bad for them. I can’t imagine.

I’ve been doing it – having a separate office – since the fall of 1975 – after getting out of the Navy – and I set up a spare bedroom of the 3 rental houses in Lawrence Kansas – where I did my homework. Homework that I didn’t get done in between classes on campus at KU – the Kansas University.

Before and after graduating from KU I have had an office in every house I’ve owned or rented – that would be 10 houses (in 4 states) owned and 4 rented since 1977.

It’s obvious that I am one of the lucky ones – who has always seemed to have space – although sometimes in an unfinished basement – for a Home Office. Even when I’ve had an office away from home.

Since 2002 I’ve worked exclusively from The Home Office – when not at a client’s site.

A Quick 360 of My Current WFH Space

I did this almost 2 years ago – sharing a 360 of my office space on LinkedIn and asking others to do the same – before the pandemic – but only one other person did the same.

Here is my update:

Take Care and Stay Safe!

# # #


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