Rummler Booster Shot 1 of 7

The Late Geary A. Rummler Was Critical in My Development

I written Blog Posts in the past about when and how Geary influenced my professional development. I won’t repeat any of that here.

This is the week of his birthday – which is April 16th – which is why I’m going to post a lot about the Good Doctor – as I always referred to him. At NSPI/ISPI and ASTD and Lakewood conferences I’d always seek out his sessions and plant myself in the first row.


He’d see me and say hello and I’d say I was there for my annual booster shot.

That’s why I will refer to Booster Shots all this week.

Booster Shot #1

Short video – 41 seconds in length.

MTEC Handout PDF from 1981

1981 Rummler Perf Based Training

A Rummler Swim Lane Map From 1981

Rummler Swim Lane MTEC Design Phase 1 – Preliminary Screen

Can’t Get There From Here (1969)

1969 – Rummler – We Cant Get There From Here

Rummler Audio From 1994

1:29 minutes

This Series Will Continue All Week

Celebrating Geary Rummler 2020 - Post 11

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