Rummler Booster Shot 6 of 7

The Late Geary A. Rummler Was Critical in My Development

I written Blog Posts in the past about when and how Geary influenced my professional development. I won’t repeat any of that here.

This is the week of his birthday – which is April 16th – which is why I’m going to post a lot about the Good Doctor – as I always referred to him. At NSPI/ISPI and ASTD and Lakewood conferences I’d always seek out his sessions and plant myself in the first row.

He’d see me and say hello and I’d say I was there for my annual booster shot.

That’s why I will refer to Booster Shots all this week.

Booster Shot #6

This video is 17:42 minutes in length.

What is ISPI’s Value Proposition: Looking Back and Forward – 2002


My Handwritten Update to Bill Wiggenhorn About the MTEC Design Process Development Efforts 

1981 MTEC Note to BW re Rummler Design Process

This Series Will Continue All Week

Celebrating Geary Rummler 2020 - Post 05

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