ISPI Honorary Life Member Award 2010

10 Years Has Gone By Quickly

Here is ISPI Board Director David Hartt awarding me my professional home’s most prestigious award – at the 2010 ISPI Conference in San Francisco.

That was 10 years ago today.


ISPI Honorary Life Member Award

To recognize outstanding and significant contributions
to the field of human performance technology and the Society

Qualifying Criteria (for candidate to be considered)
– 10+ consecutive years as an international member of ISPI
– Served on a range of international ISPI Committees and/or special assignments
– Regular presenter at the international conference, regional, and local chapter events
– Has not served on the Board for at least three years prior to the date of presentation of award

Distinguishing Criteria (for selection of candidates under consideration)
– Has made contributions to the definition/communication/demonstration of HPT
– Has mentored ISPI members
– Has the respect of his/her peers in the technology
– Has published in ISPI and other journals/books/media to communicate achievements/findings in HPT
– Has promoted ISPI through presentation to other professional groups
– Contribution to the international conference is noteworthy
– Has made significant contributions to the knowledge base of human performance technology


The Blog Post I did 10 years ago announcing this is – here.

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