Flash From the Past: 1984 – DEAD MEN DON’T USE FLIP CHARTS

From Training Magazine in 1984…2020-04-10_7-01-42

As far as trainers go, you can forget about
left-brain/right-brain dominance and
task—people orientation and cognitive
styles and behavioral styles and silverware
patterns and all the rest of it. There are
only two kinds of trainers in this world:
those who have accepted the flip chart
into their lives, and those who haven’t.
It’s every bit as simple as that.
I use flip charts. I say that loud and I
say it proud. I say it defiantly in the face
of this modern onslaught of elec-tronic
educational equipment: every-where
you go, computers, videodisc players,
audiocassettes, overhead projectors, film
projectors, 35mm slide projectors….all
burning up precious fossil fuels. In a
supposedly enlight-ened age, you’d
think even the most obtuse instructor
would be aware that if every overhead
projector in use at this moment were
turned off—we’re talking overhead
projectors alone, here—enough electricity
would be saved to power all of the
municipal buildings in Sand Springs,
OK, including the fire station, for an
entire month.

*** *** ***

Read the rest of this article and/or download the PDF – here: Article-Dead-Mean-Dont-Use-Flip-Charts

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