T&D: 35 Years Ago Today – My 1st National Presentation on “Curriculum Architecture Design – Via a Group Process”

After Doing This First At the ISPI Chicago Chapter in the Fall of 1984

The concept of an Architecture for a Curriculum had come from the Bell Systems Center for Technical Education (in Lisle Ill) according to Ray Svenson, but BSCTE never had done one. I had learned about the concept of a CAD from Ray Svenson when he spoke to us at Motorola’s Training & Education Center in the summer of 1981. It made sense – so I went and did one for Manufacturing Supervisors across Motorola.

Then I joined Ray’s business in November 1982, later becoming a partner. My specialty was CADs – Curriculum Architecture Design for our primarily F500 clients.


Flexible, Sequenced Paths Through the Modular Curriculum

That could/should be taken in a sequence and timing given the Individual’s needs on-the-job. Modules that were performance-based and as short as possible but as long as necessary. And with most that were Self-Paced vs Group-Paced.

diagram 1 guy wallace article


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Here Is That First National Presentation (PDF)

CAD – NSPI – 1985 – 21 page PDF – this is the first national presentation on the Curriculum Architecture Design methodology which Guy Wallace delivered at the NSPI Conference on April 24, 1985 (the 1st presentation of this was done for the Chicago Chapter of NSPI the previous fall).

My First CAD As a Consultant

Was for Exxon USA Exploration…


Two Paths From One Project in 2003



Zone Manager


One Path From 2004


10 Years Later I Was Still Presenting on CAD Efforts

I delivered my 1995 ISPI Presentation on CADs to the Staff at Eli Lilly a few month after the ISPI Conference.


The 2 Hour Video at Eli Lilly

I was soooooooo much younger back in 1995…

This video is 122:40 minutes in length.

Video of Me Discussing CAD Efforts in April 2020

This video is 55:13 minutes in length.

I’m Still Doing CADs

The last was in the fall/winter of 2018 – before I took a year off for 2 knee replacement surgeries. That one, for Sales Reps in a healthcare company – was number 76. 77 if you count the first CAD done while I was an employee at Motorola.

CADS Are Covered in Several of My Books

From 1999

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From 2011

PACT 6 Pack B

See the Resource Tab for more info on these and other books.

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