Guy on Video – Brainstorming with Nadia Naffi

How Can ISDs Best Meet the Professors’ Needs to Convert Their F2F Courses?

Following the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and colleges worldwide had to move their classes online to save the winter semester and avoid losing their summer one.

The war against the pandemic is far from being won and we’re talking about several semesters to come with an urgency to ensure “good” online learning experiences to our students.

The “first responders” in this context are instructional designers working in teaching and learning centres in universities and colleges. This video compiles a few excerpts of a brainstorming session with Guy W Wallace (mostly his very insightful input) on how can ISDs best meet the professors’ needs.

Excerpts From Our Brainstorming Session 2020-05-06

I did tell Nadia Naffi to hit the record button after we had already begun our session. But I didn’t know that she had actually done that until our hour or so brainstorming discussion was over. And then I did say, “use it any way you wish.”

So we were discussing an upcoming effort at her university to convert courses from mostly F2F – to virtual and asynchronous – for the fall semester. And ISDers working with professors to convert their courses.

This video is 16:13 minutes in length.

And so I was rambling more than just a little bit – and thinking out loud (which is sometimes very different than working out loud) without a script, or plan, or any real sense of where I was going with my thoughts. Very interesting. And kind of funny!

Nadia Naffi, Ph.D.

Nadia Naffi, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Studies on Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Education Sciences of Université Laval, and holder of the Chair in Teaching Leadership (CLE) on innovative teaching practices in a digital context – National Bank.

She currently teaches multimodal courses in educational technology at Université Laval.

Connect with Nadia Naffi, Ph.D. on LinkedIn –

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