T&D: Video: My Recording Studio Out Back

The Video Studio for Adventures in performance-based Training & Development

Join me for a quick video overview of the 19 Videos posted to-date…


The Video 

This video is 3:46 minutes in length.

See the entire collection of videos – here. About 18 hours or so of video across the first 19 videos.

Index – AIPBTAD Videos 

Part 1– My work in college leading to my job in T&D at Wickes Lumber and then Motorola. 1976-1982. This video is 65:28 minutes in length.

Part 2– My work with Ray Svenson in his consulting firm, and becoming his business partner. 1982-1997. This video is 124:49 minutes in length.

Part 3– My work at my firm, CADDI – the Curriculum Architecture Design & Development Institute Inc., in Naperville Illinois. 1997-2002. This video is 104:11 minutes in length.

Part 4– My work at my firm EPPIC – the Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Consultancy, in Illinois and North Carolina. 2017-Today. This video is 109:02 minutes in length.

Part 5– My involvement with my professional home at NSPI/ISPI – the National Society for Performance & Instruction/ International Society for Performance Improvement, since 1979. This video is 109:23 minutes in length.

Part 6–  Celebrating my many mentors and major influences, beginning back in 1979. The 42 I mention were part of my My First Friday Favorite Guru Series from 2012-2015 – index and links available here. This video is 121:04 minutes in length.

Part 7– Overview of my many projects – CAD and MCD and delivery – for AT&T Network Systems. 1986-1994. This video is 84:15 minutes in length.

Part 8– Review of 2 of my models, based on the General Systems Model of Dale Brethower and Geary A. Rummler. This video is 39:50 minutes in length.

Part 9– My thoughts on the Four Responses to a Request for Training (after the Analysis efforts). This video is 17:40 minutes in length.

Part 10– My approach to Curriculum Architecture Design – an ISD methodology-set I created and have been using and evolving since 1981. This video is 55:14 minutes in length.

Part 11– My approach to Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition – an ISD methodology-set at the “ADDIE” level, using a Facilitated Group Process (like my CAD methodology) that I first formalized in the late 1980s, and have been using and evolving ever since. This video is 66:30 minutes in length.

Part 12– My thoughts, models and approach to performance-based S-OJT and U-OJT – Structured On-the-Job-Training and Un-Structured On-the-Job-Training. This video is 16:35 minutes in length.

Part 13– My 5 key Analysis Models in my EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement methodology-set, my version of HPT – Human Performance Technology … a.k.a.: Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement. This video is 35:38 minutes in length.

Part 14– My approach to Performance Modeling. This video is 9:43 minutes in length.

Part 15– My approach on Knowledge/Skill analysis for ISD efforts. This video is 14:15 minutes in length.

Part 16– My approach to ISD Project Plans and Planning. This video is 47:17 minutes in length.

Part 17– My approach to T&D Paths and Planning Guides. This video is 46:50 minutes in length.

Part 18– My approach to Lesson Maps and Specifications. This video is 40:42 minutes in length.

Part 19– My analysis and design framework/model for Management Areas of Performance. This video is 44:54 minutes in length.

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