Go For Performance – Video Shorts Series #08: Enlist & Engage Management

Enlist & Engage Management

Theme 8 – Round 1

T&D: A focus on Tasks vs Topics would make it much easier to get management engaged in pre & post Instructional Activities, when you show exactly what perf they’ll monitor & provide reinforcing & corrective feedback on, as needed.

With a focus on Topics – it’s always a guess.

This video is 31 seconds in length.


Theme 8 – Round 2

T&D: Go for a Performance Impact! If you clearly understand Perf you’ll be able to engage mgmt for set-up & follow-up to your Instruction to make it more effective & likely to transfer & stick. Focus on Tasks – and Tasks Lead to Outputs – and Both Have Stakeholder Requirements.

This video is 40 seconds in length.



Theme 8 – Round 3

With a set of Performance Models and Master Performers you can…

Enlist and Engage your Target Audience’s Management … in the Pre and Post Activities … that they need to perform in order to affect Transfer and Results for their organization. It’s in their best interest to do so. They just need Guidance … via Job Aids.

I’ve been doing so in performance-based ISD since 1979, and as a consultant since 1982. You can too!

This video is 76 seconds in length.


Free Resource PDF

Modeling Mastery Performance and Systematically Deriving the Enablers for Performance Improvement – by Guy W. Wallace, CPT – Chapter 11 of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology – 3rd Edition – 2006.  This methodology was first published in this 1984 article in ISPI’s (then NSPI’s) PIJ in November 1984.

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