38 Years Ago – My 1st White Paper: Participative Management of the Performance System

And I Think I Only Wrote One Other White Paper – As I Think About It Now

White Papers came to my attention after NBC did one – on video – about Japan and Quality. See that below.


Motorola was very interested in what was becoming/had become the world wide Total Quality Management movement – TQM. Japan was kicking their butts … as the saying goes. And so Motorola embarked on a huge initiative to do something about Quality.

Their effort was the PPS – Participative Management System – an adaptation of Likert’s System 4 concept.

I joined Motorola’s Training & Education Center in spring of 1981 after this had all started – and had many discussion with my clients – across all of Motorola’s manufacturing, materials and purchasing functions. And it seemed to me that PPS needed something.

We had Geary Rummler in as a consultant. And Neil Rackham. And others – but those two were central to my thinking.

So I hand wrote my White Paper one weekend and ask one of the secretaries (or was it administrative assistants by then?) to type it up.

And here is that first pass – before some typos were fixed. I handed out copies to some of the MTEC leaders…

MTEC White Paper 1982 – 39 page PDF – a white paper I wrote while at MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center – in May 1982 where I proposed combining the concepts, models, methods, processes, tools and techniques of Geary Rummler, Neil Rackham (of SPIN Selling fame) and of Deming, Juran and Crosby (and other quality gurus).

This led to my boss taking that idea and changing it to become a Geary Rummler Do-It-Yourself Consulting Kit – which after I left in October 1982 became a training course created by Geary Rummler for Motorola called OPS (Organization Performance Systems).

Paul with the Kit Shirt…

82-006 Paul MTEC

Guy with Geary in Paul’s Office…

82-008 Guy & Geary MTEC

I emailed several people from back-in-the-day about their recollection of this thing – and what I got back from Neil Rackham included:

“It’s amazing how much we knew back in 1982 and a sad commentary on the performance industry that there hasn’t been the same intensity of initiating since.”


With the GIF you cannot control the slide advancement…

Webp.net-gifmaker (24)

PowerPoint Show

MTEC White Paper- Participative Management of the Performance System – May 1982

With the PowerPoint Show (downloadable) you can control the slide advancement.

NBC White Paper: If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?

If Japan can … Why can’t we? was an American television episode broadcast by NBC News as part of the television show “NBC White Paper” on June 24, 1980.

This video is 76:38 minutes in length.

My 2nd White Paper: Video Production Process, Tools and Templates from 1983

Based on a system/process I had created in 1980 when I was in the Training Services function at Wickes Lumber in Saginaw Michigan.


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