T&D: What Do Your Practices, Products & Services Say About Your Professional Integrity?

Just saw a post on LinkedIn from last week where a vendor tied their Sales oriented product/service offerings to MBTI.

Surely by now they can’t be serious.


Yeah – yeah. Don’t call me Shirley. ;)

But seriously?  How can they continue to do this when the evidence for is from those promoting the services behind MBTI – and all of the independent research suggests it is QUITE BOGUS!

How are they gonna overcome THE OBJECTIONS that surely will come?

Tap dance for distraction?

From The Scientific Standard

In order to determine whether or not MBTI is a suitable means of categorizing personality types, reliability and validity must be addressed. Reliability indicates that a test will deliver consistent results and validity stipulates that a test measures what it says it measures.  There are two types of validity that should be considered: construct and criterion. Construct validity looks at how well the MBTI relates to other scales measuring similar concepts, while criterion validity explores whether or not MBTI predicts specific outcomes related to interpersonal relations and job performance. According to the National Academy of Sciences committee, who reviewed data from more than 20 MBTI research studies, only the introversion-extroversion scale has adequate construct validity. When speaking about criterion validity, MBTI struggles to predict job performance and relationships because it offers no explanation for behavior other than the cyclical argument that behavior is caused by traits, which are inferred by behavior.

For more from their post – please go here.


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I Was Honored To Be Asked To Review This Book Pre-Publication

It is a quick read – with helpful pointers to the underlying research – PLUS PLUS PLUS it offers guidance on what to do instead of embracing these all-too-common myth that pervade our profession.


One source for this book, Amazon – is here. Well worth it!

And see Clark Quinn’s website – here.

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