Courses and/or Resources and Icons

Course Icons

I began creating what I called “Course Icons” back in the early 1980s, to frame the Performance – and not the Topics – for all of my training projects – as a consultant – beginning back in 1982.

And then I began the practice of using that icon on T-Shirts and Collared Shirts (audience depending) which were handed out to each Pilot Test participant – AFTER – the feedback was collected – to help clients market their new course.

“Hey, where did you get that?”

Short video – 2:13 minutes – with zero narration.

Courses and/or Resources

If we built Resources (Job Aids for Performance Guidance & Support in the Workflow) we simply empathetically, embedded them in the Courses to avoid debates with our clients, who would then have to debate with their clients about why a Course wasn’t necessary when a Resource might do.


Once the Resource was out in the Performance Context – people might stop signing up for the Course as they already had the Resource. But more often than not, I would bet, they continued signing up, as those Resources reflected complex tasks and outputs (versus low hanging fruit) and people wanted to have the full story and big picture.


As always, it depends.


It depends on the target audiences’ incoming knowledge and skills and confidence, based on their prior education and/or experiences.

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