T&D: ISD Development After Design After Analysis After Project Planning

Sans Insanity

Too many in ISD – Instructional System Design seem to start their development of Instruction sans design, sans analysis and sans any project planning.

That’s really not new, based on my experiences in ISD going back to August 1979. But it is worrisome that Basic Practices let alone Best Practices have not been adopted or adapted by a vast majority of the profession since way back then.


Instruction, in my view is either: Job Aids for Performance Guidance & Support in the Workflow, and/or Training.

Instruction is tightly or loosely architected and engineered for a purpose, for a performance purpose. Instruction targets a Performance Competence purpose, and is measured accordingly.

Instruction is a better umbrella term IMO, versus Training, Education or Learning. Instruction instructs and guides a Performer.

It’s not all about Learning; it’s all about Performance.

Even in a Learning Organization.

It’s all about Performance Competence.

Topics Can Be Narrowed

Performance Competence could also be called Performance Capability or Capabilities. I chose Competence based on the use of that word by the late Tom Gilbert in his 1978 book, Human Competence.

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ISD Development After Design After Analysis After Project Planning – 2020-06-05

Key Point

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