RIP Bob Mager

Bob left us just a short time ago. After serving us for such a long time.

Bob Mager - June 10th

Mager and Pipe’s Flowchart for Analyzing Performance Problems

It is a classic. But it wasn’t the first, nor the last of such guides…


Thank You Bob

My tribute to him after his passing, from last month – here.

My tribute to him as a guru and a mentor, from December 2012 – here.


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One comment on “RIP Bob Mager

  1. I am way behind in realizing this. I can say with you that the amazing Robert F Mager influenced my life since 1985.

    I guess he apparently performed according to all the conditions and standards of life’s objectives, and thus passed from our world.

    Half my life was enabled by his workshops and books. Thank you, Bob!


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