Rummler: The Behavioral Law of the Balance of Consequences

It’s the Consequences, Silly!

This aspect of Geary’s teachings has stuck with me ever since hearing him speak about Consequences (one form of feedback) way back in 1981. Part of that one day workshop he did at Motorola’s Training & Education Center was video recorded – and that 46 minute video follows.


I Cannot Recall the Background for This Email

But in 2003 he and I were working on a Society-wide effort at ISPI to “Clarify HPT” – as there wasn’t (and still isn’t today IMO) a clear definition.

But I digress.



From this paper online – here. Geary Rummler: Contributions & Conflicting Ideologies in the Field of Performance Improvement – Olajiwon K. McCadney – IT 615: Critical Issues in Performance and Leadership Technology – SUNY Potsdam – Fall 2010


We’ve Known A Lot Since 1972 – And Have Done Damn Little With It IMO

Too many are still using their Training Hammer as everything looks like a nail, I guess.

From a 1972 article on the Geary Rummler site – here:


46 Minutes – Geary at MTEC in 1981

YouTube Video…

And that’s another Rummler-focused Booster Shot over the past few days.

One coming tomorrow too.

Are You Serious?


Check out this book at Amazon – here.

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