T&D: Complex ISD Analysis & Design … via a FGP … with Empathy

Use a FGP – Facilitated Group Process

If you facilitate a group of Master Performers and Other SMEs – you get much closer to providing the Instruction needed to have Performance Impact.

Research shows that an expert (and really, anybody and everybody) is operating mostly on non-conscious knowledge. They’ll miss up to 70% of what a novice needs.

Interviewing a SME won’t get you but about 30% of what you need for adequate Instruction.

For more on this:

Richard E. Clark – 42 minute Video on CTA- Cognitive Task Analysis:

I use a FGP… via:

Virtual Meetings…


Face-to-Face Meetings…


I’ve been doing ISD efforts this way, as an external consultant since 1982. And since 1979 as an internal consultant.

And I’ve been authoring/co-authoring and publishing about these methods since 1984…


CAD – Training Mag – 1984 – 6 page PDF – the first publication about Curriculum Architecture Design via a Facilitated Group Process – published in Training Magazine in September 1984. Original manuscript (30 pages) – How to Build a Training Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down.

Models and Matrices- NSPI PIJ -1984 – 5 page PDF – the first publication of the performance and enabler analysis methods for ISD using a Facilitated Group Process, from NSPI’s (ISPI’s) Performance & Instruction Journal, November 1984.


Have Some Empathy 

And let those from the performance context – who know the nuances of the Performance Competence requirements and the context variables – guide your analysis and design efforts.

Have some Empathy for the Shareholders, whose Equity you are converting to Instruction.

And for the managers, who goals you should be supporting.

And for the Performers, who have a job to do.

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