T&D: The Trouble with Traditional Approaches to ISD Analysis

Or “Discovery” If That’s Your Term for Instructional Analysis

I never felt that I, my business partners, my staff, or anyone – could conduct Analysis and take-away all that’s needed to create effective Instruction (Job Aids and/or Training).

How can one without expertise themselves in some domain conduct Interviews, Observations and review Documents and know everything needed?

And then create Instruction that covers everything that a Novice would need?

And then there’s that issue with EVERYONE’S knowledge being mostly non-conscious.

A Short Video

2:20 minutes in length.

My Preference Has Always Been a Facilitated Group Process

Since 1979.


Two Articles – Published in 1984

CAD – Training Mag – 1984 – 6 page PDF – the first publication about Curriculum Architecture Design via a Facilitated Group Process – published in Training Magazine in September 1984. Original manuscript (30 pages) – How to Build a Training Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down.


Models and Matrices- NSPI PIJ -1984 – 5 page PDF – the first publication of the performance and enabler analysis methods for ISD using a Facilitated Group Process, from NSPI’s (ISPI’s) Performance & Instruction Journal, November 1984.


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