Working on a New Book: Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis

After 7 days of intense 2 finger typing on the keyboard, it’s time to conduct a brutal edit of my next book.


It’s a compilation from about a dozen sources – some going back into the mid-1980s when I first started writing about performance-based Instructional Analysis, and Instructional Project Management, and Instructional Design, and Instructional Development and Instructional Pilot Testing. Instruction including both Job Aids and Training. Performance-based.

About 20-30% of it is new.

The premise is that Analysis is done in each and every phase of my MCD – Modular Curriculum Development framework for project planning and management.

MCD - Phase 1-6

It’ll be book #15, since 1994. And the first since 2011. But I do have two others started since March. I guess these are the pandemic series.

This next chore is always tougher than cobbling the first draft together. Because I know what I meant to say. But not always sure that it says that.

Buckle up. And get out the red pen. And a few red ink cartridges.

I’ve got an editor lined up. Boy, is she in for it. I’ll do one pass at cleaning it up and then hand it over for her expert eye and red marker.

I’ve had 4 people already say they’d review it. And another 8 on my list to ask.

Wish me well.

And for El Kabong to stay away!

# # #

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