T&D: Short Video on Instructional Analysis 04

Go For Performance – Series 9

Instructional Analysis continues with your Target Audience Analysis efforts where you focus on the incoming knowledge and skills from their prior education and experiences so that you can decide what’s safe to assume about them and what is not – to later affect the modular design of content so people can skip what they won’t need and what they already know.

Instructional Analysis should not be a one-shot effort in some waterfall approach to developing performance-based Instruction, and Instruction includes both Job Aids and Training.

GFP Series 9-04

This video is 1:02 minutes in length.

My Next Book

A video overview of my next book: “Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis” – which I hope to have out in September-October 2020.

This video is 23:35 minutes in length:

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