My June Webinar on: Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis for ISD and PI

ISPI Michigan – 90 minute Webinar: Performance Analysis – for Anchoring ISD and Performance Improvement to the Authentic Performance Competence Requirements – June 16, 2020 – My 37th presentation to an ISPI chapter since 1982.

This video is 82:14 minutes in length.

Coincidentally that first presentation, to the Houston Chapter of NSPI, was on the same methodology, and was titled:

  • Group Process for Job Modeling – with Ray Svenson at the Houston Chapter of NSPI (November 1, 1982)

That was my first day on the job as an ISD consultant having joined Ray Svenson’s small consulting organization after leaving Motorola.


We were in Houston to work with Exxon USA Exploration, and I was to help our clients create Instruction Module templates for my 2nd Curriculum Architecture Design effort – for Geologists and Geophysicists at Exxon Exploration USA – which I did as a side-gig on two weekends based on the Analysis Data Ray and my wife (at the time) had produced. This was my first CAD project as a consultant – as my first was for Motorola’s manufacturing supervisors back in 1981.

I’ve blogged about that Exxon effort previously – here in 2012 – and here in 2018.

I soon changed my language from Job Modeling to Performance Modeling as I was often modeling more than one job – as most Process Performance involves more than one job.

Who of you were at my first NSPI/ISPI presentation?

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