T&D: Short Video on Instructional Analysis 13

Go For Performance – Series 9

Instructional Analysis continues with your Beta Testing efforts. When you review your second drafts of your Job Aids and Training – the Beta Versions – you are attempting to make it as Accurate and Complete and Appropriate as possible, as soon as possible. Have new people take a look at it and attempt to use it – and solicit their feedback in a thorough debriefing.

Instructional Analysis should not be a one-shot effort in some waterfall approach to developing performance-based Instruction, and Instruction includes both Job Aids and Training.

GFP Series 9-13

This video is 1:03 minutes in length.

My Next Book

A video overview of my next book: “Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis” – which I hope to have out in September-October 2020.

This video is 23:35 minutes in length:

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