T&D: Quit Swerving on the Road to Performance Nirvana

Not All Requests for Instruction Are Worthy of Pursuit

My quip about this is:

Requests for Training for New Hires should be Expected.
Requests for Training for Problem Solving should be Suspected.

Substitute your favorite words in place of mine. But that doesn’t mean we should challenge the request/requestor.

The late Joe Harless taught me (and others) to always say yes! See this post from 2012 – here.

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IMO – we too often conflate Performance-based Instruction (Job Aids and Training) with Performance Improvement Consulting. The former is a subset of the latter.

Those two “things” do intersect/ converge in Analysis/ Discovery. Then they diverge.

Not very many ISD folks have the awareness, knowledge, and skills to tackle any other intervention that might be required other than Learning/ Training/ Instruction.

But they can be instrumental in pointing to the possible solution-set when they uncover the probable causes of Performance Problems – or the leverage points for Performance Opportunities.

And that might be needed to some extent if other performance variables are addressed (such as a major change in the process and tools).

But otherwise – if during Analysis on a Problem-Solving type project the root is not primarily a K/S deficit – the baton is handed off to other experts to lead the Fix – and the ISDer hangs out to support the primary intervention-set with Instruction, as/if appropriate.

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We need to quit disparaging the ISD/LXD folks for being Bricklayers and not General Contractor Engineers/ Architects.

We all need to stay in our lanes and not swerve all over the highway thinking we can drive the Enterprise to some Performance Nirvana.

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