Performance Testing – Go For Performance – 2020 Series 10-01

In 1987, my firm, Svenson & Wallace Inc., was hired to develop a Qualification & Certification System for a client operating one-half of the oil field operations at Prudhoe Bay, on Alaska’s North Slope in the Arctic Circle.

The intent was to create a Pay Progression Program, where pay raises were tied to performance capability. The 2 unsuccessful efforts before our project had produced paper & pencil tests, something Oil Field Roughnecks did – not – like – at – all. We developed over 2200 Performance Tests for 20 target audiences of mostly technical staff, working with the Master Performers chosen by the target audience groups themselves.

A series of 15 short videos that will review the entire System that we designed and developed and tested starts today.

Performance Testing – It’s ALL – about Performance. And demonstrated competence.

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